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Mobile Applications are ruling the world thesedays. A client who wants to improve their business should take their business to Customers Hand. Mobile is the answer for all your needs. We at Athitya Soft delivers User friendly highly productive mobile application solutions to our clients. We provide customized apps for your organization as well as Market apps for general use of Public.

Apps Platform

We deliver solutions in all most all kind of mobile platforms currently available, such as Android, Apple IOS, Windows, Blackberry, and cross platform apps. We got solution for all your business needs.

We at Athitya Soft adopting Latest technolgies from time to time and our team is capable of providing the best possible solution for you. Our Technical Expertise and Experience in Business Applications, Shopping Applications and Productivity applications will be helpful for our clients in finding out the right option and direction for them. We are also developing 3D oriented apps which very few are doing in the market. We are into 3D Animation Industry, with our expertise in both designing and coding we can provide you best 3D oriented Apps for your business.


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Why do i need a mobile application?
Mobile application is a convenient way to access our application / software hosted on web. Be it a ecommerce website or our inhouse software application a mobile application is necessary when the organization / individual thinks it is necessary to access the cloud hosted software from anywhere. Mobile applications acts as a window to access the software hosted on web servers.
Do you build Android and IOS Applications? What is their differences?
Yes we build both Android and IOS Applications. Both the platforms are totally different in how they operate. We need to develop separate applications for both the platforms. Android applications has to hosted in Google Play store and IOS applications has to be hosted at Apple App Store. Both are built on different platforms and normally we design android applications using Java or Kotlin and IOS applications using Swift or Xcode. Sometimes we can use cross platform applications like React Native according to the client needs.
Do u Build 3D Mobile applications?
Yes, we are one of the select few having hands on Experience in Augmented Reality based Mobile application. We can efficiently handle 3D Animation in Mobile applications.
Can a Mobile application built for temporary purpose or for a short time need?
Yes we can build mobile applications in a economical way, so you can use it for your temporary needs (like a even registration app, or a short survey for a project etc.,)
Do Google Play Store and Apple's App Store has got any approval process?
Yes, Both the stores has got approval process, to be precise apple has got stringent approval process when compared to google play store. Normally we can get approval for our legitimate mobile applications with a time frame of 3 to 10 days. For your additional information, both the Technology giants will keep on rolling updates to their respective app stores and we have to adhere the policy changes from time to time as they implement. We have to keep on updating our apps from time to time whenever needed or whenever a demanding technology update arises.