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IT Consulting


IT Consulting

We call this as Information Technology Engineering. Are u still looking on for prices before purchasing a System, Laptop or Gadget. This is a Fast Changing World, You will be mostly depend on Experts for each and everything in your business. But when coming to Systems which are your core workers why are you just Seeing Prices. More than Price - Configuration, Security, Scalability, Future Ready, Software Configurations lot of important aspects are there. Trust a Engineering Team before making a Purchase. We are here to assist you, Make us your Long Term IT Partners and see the productivity improving.

IT Consulting

We here at Athitya Soft make detail research in Each and every IT product releases in Market and based on our expertise we are giving recommendations to our customers from Software to Hardware including Firmware and Latest Electronic Gadgets even IOT and Security Gadgets. We are providing IT and Security Consulting to Overseas Clients, Come meet us and have a discussion about your requirements. We are here to provide you best solutions at the Market Competitive Prices.

Security and Networking Consultants

This is an world Full of Networks. Each and every where your data is with or without your knowledge. We are here to provide a best infrastructure in which way you keep your valuable data safe. Our State of Art Anti Virus Technologies and Networking Firewall techniques can protect your data from any kind of attempt for data breach. We are one of the best security consultants using world class research driven data to safeguard our clients from eavesdropping.


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Why should we choose you as IT Consultant?
We have more than 24 years of Expertise in Various IT Projects. We have guided large companies in successfully implementing their IT Infrastructure. Starting from Analyzing their needs, thinking with a futuristic vision - selecting the apt systems and software to meet out their demands etc., Our customer testimony itself is a statement for the question.
Do you provide Network consultation?
Yes. We Provide network consultation. As a Network Consultant we were having well experienced and educated engineers who certifies network functionality and performance. When we take a network project we take responsibility like designing, setting up and maintaining computer networks at clients desired location. If client is interested we can supply efficient systems needed for the Network.
Do you provide Software consultation?
Yes we do software consultation. We analyze your needs, System Infrastructure, man power you have and we will provide you the best software solution considering various factors like Platform, Pricing, Security, Scalability, Ease of Use, Good Support systems etc., We have hands on experience in software development for decades and you can definitely use our experience to chose the right application for your organziation.
Do you provide System Security consultation?
Cybersecurity is the First line of defense for any organization in this digital world. You might be having various software's implemented in your organization, Different kind of servers implemented or you might use various cloud services. It is hard for any senior management to look each and every time in to the security measures implemented. Cyber security is ever evolving field and it's nature is more than dynamic. So It is always advisable to leave the System security to experts. We will take care of your system security and safeguard your IT Infrastructure from any external threats.
Do you provide small volume IT Consultancy?
We are always very happy to provide IT consultancy for even a Single System / Single User customer. It is not about the volume. We always believe in Value. We charge a nominal fee for individual users who were in need of proper IT Guidance. You might think why we need a IT consultant for purchasing a small software or implementing a small IT Infrastructure, buy spending a few money and getting advice from a experienced IT Consultant will always provide extra value for your IT Infrastructure. We have seen this with Many customers over the years. Lot of people have benefited from our IT Consultancy. We are always happy to support Individual Customers too. They are most welcomed. We always believe "ADD VALUE TO THE PRODUCTS".