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AI coding tools

Coding can be a grind at times. Luckily, there are some great AI coding assistants out there to help make your life easier. These tools use machine learning to autocomplete code, explain functions, fix bugs, and more. Options like Copilot are compatible with various programming languages and integrate seamlessly into coding environments, enhancing efficiency and code quality for developers at all levels.


If you’re looking for a free alternative to Copilot, definitely give Codeium a try. This open-source toolkit brings AI code completion, search, and chat capabilities to your favorite coding environment through browser extensions. The autocomplete is really impressive, saving you from typing out boilerplate and remembering argument orders across dozens of languages.

But Codeium’s true superpower is its natural language search. Instead of trying to craft the perfect regex, you can just describe what you’re looking for in plain English, like “password hashing functions.” It’s a huge time-saver for navigating unfamiliar codebases. The AI chat is no slouch either, able to generate code snippets, explain logic, debug issues, and more through back-and-forth conversations.


AI-Powered Autocomplete :

Autocomplete faster than thought. Codeium’s generative code can save your time and help you ship products faster.

Intelligent Search

Don’t wrestle with clunky regexes anymore. Use their AI search to find files and code related to your intent.

AI-Powered Chat

Get a helping hand from Codeium Chat. Generate boilerplate, refactor code, add documentation, explain code, suggest bug fixes, and so much more.